Promised Valley Rebellion

"Now the valley roared with anger, 'Mount your horses, draw your swords!'" - The Original Cast, "One Tin Soldier"

“Now the valley roared with anger, ‘Mount your horses, draw your swords!'”
– The Original Cast, “One Tin Soldier”

I actually read this book back in July but flaked out and never got around to reviewing it.  Promised Valley Rebellion by Ron Fritsch is set during the Agricultural Revolution in an area known only as the Promised Valley.  Fans of Auel’s Earth’s Children series will recognize some aspects of this world: reliance on family, shaman, and stone tools, but this is a world in which farmers have begun to overtake the hunter gatherers and where the village chief is already styling himself a king.

The novel centers around the tension between past and present, young and old.  For many years, there has been war between the hill and valley people.  (I’m half convinced that these names were inspired by the song One Tin Soldier)  This usually amounts to nothing more than than a few skirmishes, but fifteen years or so ago (the dates are vague) there was an invasion which resulted in massive casualties on both sides.  Ultimately, the valley people fought back the hill people’s incursion into their lands, thanks in large part to Crown Prince Tall Oak and his friend Green Field.  The story focuses on the valley heroes’ children, Prince Morning Sun, and Blue Sky and Rose Leaf, who must eventually learn that history is told by the victors, and that victors often have things to hide.

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